ONDA 35 Sport

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The smallest in our range the ONDA 35 is a perfect sized boat for a variety of uses. A rigid fibre glass hull and deck combined with a Hypalon tube make for a very comfortable and safe ride. Wether used as a small tender to a larger yacht with a simple 5HP Out Board Motor (OBM) or as an entry level boat to get out fishing with the kids, this boat will never dissapoint.

Hull, deck and fittings: The hull and deck are made in layered fibreglass with a coloured gelcoat as surface finish. A Stainless Steel (SS) padeye is mounted on the front of the hull for towing the boat or when on anchor. Smaller padeyes on the deck  allow for tying down bags or securing the engine.

Tube: Is made of the ORCA Hypalon fabric which is the number 1 rubber textile coated fabric for this sort of applications. 3 seperate air chambers with individual air valves. A heavy duty rub rail all around the boat protects the tube when bumping against other boats or obstacles. 4 rubber handles allow 4 pesons to carry this boat

or drag it on the beach. Several rope handles on the top of the tube enable each person to hold on for safety.

Additional equipment supplied: One set of plastic/aluminium paddles and a manual foot airpump.

Versions: The ONDA 35 comes in 2 distinct models being the Lite and Sport.

ONDA 35 Sport

The Sport is the most basic setup of this boat as described above. The boat is an open space which can seat upto 5 people. Ideal as tender to a larger boat or a simple and economical way to get out on the water with family and friends.

OBM (not included in this boat): Ideal with a 20HP (short shaft) OBM with electric start and remote trottles/steering. 15HP or 30HP would be the minimum and maximum recomended by ONDA. The maximum speed with a 25 HP and 1 person on board was 22 knots. A 25 liter portable petrol tank completes the set up.

Specs (m)

- overall length inflated:           3,35 m

- overall length deflated:          2,83 m

- overall width inflated:            1,45 m

- overall width deflated:           1,10 m

- inside length:                         2,43 m

- inside width:                          0,73 m

- height inflated:                       - m

- height deflated:                      - m

- buoyancy tube diameter:       0,38 m

- number of airchambers:        3

  1. -overall dry weight:                 - kg

  2. -colour:                                   light grey

- passengers:                          4 persons

  1. -country of origin:                   Sri Lanka

  2. -waranty:                                1 year on all glueing of the tube


- 5 x rubber handles

- rope holders and rope

- 1 x large padeye (front of hull)

- 4 x medium padeye inside

- 1 x engine bracket inside/outside

- 1 x deck water rear evacuation plug

- 1 x rear hull water drain plug

  1. -1 x manual air pump

  2. -1 x set of aluminium paddles


- 1 rope ladder

- boat cover (lite)

- road trailer

- launch trolley

- 2 x composite cradle parts for shipping transport


- all weight and dimensions is indicative and can vary slightly from boat to boat

- all prices are ex-factory

  1. -transport can be organised depending on delivery location

- delivery-timing depends on availability in stock

  1. -dry weigjht is the weight of hull, deck, tube  and basic accessories











90 kg

long - 21 inch


20 HP

25 HP

20 knots

5 persons

350 kg