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ONDA 65 Dive

The ONDA 65 was introduced in 2015 and is set to become a favorite. With this length of boat there is enough space to take upto 8 people diving. A forward placed console leaves alot of space in the back for the dive bottle frame which can hold 8 bottles or more. Next to the engine a small ladder platform and Stainless Steel reclinable ladder makes for easy access in and out of the water. A Ample anchor locker up front keeps the anchor, chain and rope neatly stowed away. A Bimini and seat keep the skipper out of the sun and comfortable for longer distance dives.

The Hull and deck are made of fibreglass where the tube is made of high resistant imported ORCA Hypalon fabric.

This boat can be used with a OBM with power ranging 90 - 150 HP depending on the clients requirements. Ideal and recommended for this bpat is 115 HP. With the high performace and speed of this boat no dive spot is too far away and the low freeboard makes for safe and easy access to the water.

This boat can also be used for waterskiing, discovery and much more.

Opt for a road trailer and the boat can be taken in and out of the water in a matter of minutes letting you access more dive spots further up the coast or for special dedicated trips to the East or West coast of Sri Lanka.

With this boat the Sea is the limit.

Since the boats are manufactured in Sri Lanka we can service your boat at our down-south service center which is an important part when buying any type of boat.