Onda Pvt Ltd is a young dynamic company founded in 2012 by water sports enthousiasts who are dedicating their energy on supplying the Sri Lankan market with water toys for different tastes and sizes. Boasting a coastline of 1340 km and an average water temperature of 29°C Sri Lanka is an ideal location for water based activities. This vision of Onda is to get people from the beaches onto the water and with the selection of surfboards, RIB’s, canoes and beach catamarans we can give you the tools to start.

Surfboards and surf accessories. With its warm tropical water temperatures all year round and the 2 monsoon seasons there is surfing all year round in Sri Lanka. Wether the famous Potuvil Arugam Bay  point on the east coast (acclaimed by many as one of the top 10 surf spots in the world) to the famous surf town of Hikkaduwa and the diverse surf spots along the south west coast between Galle and Tangalle. ONDA supplies a multitude of surf schools, rentals and surf shops all over Sri Lanka with high quality branded boards and is the exclusive distributor for GSI (Global Surf Industries) surf board  range. 7S, Hayden Shapes, NSP, Walden, Aloha to name but a few of the brands we carry. ONDA is the exclusive distributor for FCS fins and its line of accessories including the famous Gorilla grip pads. Now Sri Lanka has the tools to make it a quality surf distination. 

Rigid Inflatable boats. ONDA designs, develops, manufactures and sells Rigid Inflatable Boats in Sri Lanka together with its specialised partners. With an international design team and using the best imported materials and parts, Onda has created exceptional strong and performant boats. Rigid Inflatable Boats are used all over the world and have become the most popular boat of choice for boat owners. Its rubber textile inflatable tubes give comfort on board and an extra light buoyancy  which make them practically unsinkable. Due to these light but high iimpact resitant materials these boats are easy to handle in waves and the open sea.

Canoes. We produce the C2 a fibre glass 2 person sea going canoe in various colours. Sturdy fibreglass construction and attention to detail make these ideal boats for going up a river, exploring the coastline bays and getting the whole family out on the water in full safety.

Beach Catamarans. The C18 catamaran is light and uses only wind power which is free and an ideal way to enjoy the untouched ocean and water ways around Sri Lanka. We manufacture the only 18ft beachable catamaran in Sri Lanka. High performant yet manageable this boat will travel over 20 knts with the righyt wind and take upto 4 people on board. This trailerable cata

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